Salesforce Opens A Second-Party Data Marketplace

Salesforce has set up a market of second-party data so advertisers can buy data directly from publishers. The subscription-based Salesforce Data Studio, which debuted on Wednesday, evolved out of the product Krux Link, a data-sharing platform Salesforce inherited when it bought the data management platform Krux. Salesforce’s goal is to […]

Nielsen Sues ComScore

You Got Tencent? At New York’s Advertising Week, Chinese tech giant Tencent continued the coming-out party it began three months ago in Cannes. Tencent, which owns WeChat and a bunch of other apps, has enormous power for marketers because it lets consumers perform the same activities they do in the […]

Krush Media Teams Up With Bold Screen Media, Extending Advertisers’ Campaign Reach Across All Screens

DAYTON, Ohio – Krush Media, a full-service digital advertising and media company that allows brands and publishers to traditionally and programmatically execute powerful ad campaigns that engage and monetize audiences across all screens, announced that it has partnered with Bold Screen Media, a programmatic video trading desk. As part of the […]